Master en Transformación Digital de Entidades Deportivas

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  • Plazas libres: 10
  • Modo: Semipresencial
  • Precio: 7200 €
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Master en Transformación Digital de Entidades Deportivas



Six reasons to choose this master

01. Sports entities must have knowledge of digital transformation to be competitive in a globalized world.

02. This is a master born within the industry.

03. Contents have been designed between GSIC, ESBS and more than 35 professionals of the sports industry.

04. We create the network. You will have the chance to meet professionals of every kind of organization related to sports.

05.The type of learning is adapted to your needs. In a blended modality you will have access 24/7 to all the contents online and the onsite block will be taught in an intensive program of 7-10 days.

06. You will get the skills to make and apply a Digital Transformation case in an organization with the support of a high-level mentor.

Our Pillars

Business Network

Enhancement of the business opportunities within a global ecosystem.

Start-up and training
Support of the creation of technology-based companies, adapting training to a constantly changing market.
Belonging to the international reference center with space for products demonstration.
Applied reserach
Participation in the construction of innovative technological solutions for the sports sector and ICT.


100% Online through Microsoft Teams platform managed by ESBS.

Start Dates

October 29th.

Plan de estudios


The sports industry is a wide-reaching business that accounts for 1.5% - 2% of the world’s GDP. The business ecosystem features different stakeholders such as the sports properties (meaning leagues, federations, clubs and athletes), sponsors, broadcasters, public sector, investors and agencies, among others, that contribute to the industry’s continuing growth.

In this first block, you will analyze from traditional management of implementation to modern management and its support tools, identifying the appropriate technologies for each sports entity.

Change of the Productive Model, Change Management.


Events, Programs, Projects and Sports Facilities.


Business Models.


Human Resources and Management Skills.


Safety and Security in Sport Events and Smart Venues.


Selection, Management and Development of Technology for Sports Entities.


Skills for Remote Work.


Fan engagement is one of the most important challenges for the sports industry, especially in younger generations. This is mainly due to shorter spans of attention and their rising expectations of receiving personalized and unique experiences.

In this block you will understand the needs of your fans to generate stronger fan engagement through enriched and personalized experiences in and out of the venues.

Create custom content while increasing monetization opportunities and value for sponsors.

Understanding your Fans, Social Listening Tools.


Transform your Fans into Customers.


Experience Personalization and Monetization.


Change of Digital Platforms, Change Management.




Money Can't Buy Experience.


Managing the Social networks.


One of the most important drivers for growth, in order to keep pace with the industry’s digital disruption and leverage on all the new opportunities, will be business data analytics and artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning that will come to optimize the data-analysis process.

These tools collect all the data, select and process the most valuable insights and identify tendencies that will help organizations later on.

In this block, the key is to increase productivity to get better performance, to comprehend the connection between all the components of a system through business insights and improve decision making.

Fan Experience




In Match Management.


Stadium: Digital Transformation.


Venues: Latest Technological Improvements.


Efficient Management of VIP areas.


Stadiums and venues face an important and increasing challenge: the competition from other entertainment formats to attract fans attendance and attention.

The proliferation of OTT or IPTV platforms has led to the need for sport organizations to create differentiating experiences that compel fans to fill the stadiums, especially in the case of non-avid fans which are not that interested in the game alone and will need further stimulus to attend the games.

In this block, you will be taught how to change the experience of the fans through the venue management tools, increasing efficiency and revenues, adding the latest technological advances.

Creating the CEO Dashboard.


Connecting offers with sales.


Data Analysis, Science and Technology.


Models and Measurement Techniques.


Venture Capitals.


Finance Management.


Digital marketing automation tools will be key in the future in order to gain deeper knowledge of attendees’ preferences and implement personalized fan content will targeted promotional campaigns.

In this block you will learn how to implement a great marketing strategy by analyzing your target and desiging a commercial plan.

From market segmentation and costumer needs to brand and product positioning. Capture created value for the organization.

Market research and analysis


New products and services development


Empowering our brand


Sponsorships, licensing and merchandising.

6.- FINAL PROJECT - Digital transformation plan at the sports entity (10 ECTS)

Developing a Digital Transformation Plan is the final project of this Master. You can make this plan based in your own company.

And for that, we will assign a mentor to support and accompany you during the program.

The presentation of this plan will be during the onsite block in Madrid 2020.


The student will make a case method and practical exercises in each module.

Moreover, the presentation of the Master's final project will be carried out at GSIC during the onsite block.

Download the dossier



After successfully completing the program, the student will receive the certificate titled Master Digital Transformation of Sports Organizations.

Issued by ESBS European Sport Business School and Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft (GSIC).


Imagen David Rosa
David Rosa Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
“I Believe that the combination of engineering, a passion for research and my way of understanding sport has led to me enjoying my job each day a little bit more”.
Imagen Jesus Serrano
Jesus Serrano Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Sportainment Biz Dev & Innovation Lead at Microsoft.
Imagen Symon Perriman
Symon Perriman Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO & Founder at FanWide | Tech Advisor & Influencer | Techstars Sports ’19.
Imagen Achim Boers
Achim Boers Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Director of Product Development at Prosegur.
Imagen Francis Casado
Francis Casado Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Head of International Business Development at 3D Digital Venue.
Imagen Luis Cervera
Luis Cervera Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Director de proyectos y operaciones // Chief projects and operations officer en Levante Union Deportiva SAD.
Imagen Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
National Technology Officer de Microsoft.
Imagen Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Business Process Management. Convergencia de tecnologías exponenciales para la monetización y transformación digital.
Imagen Ricard Garriga
Ricard Garriga Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO at Trioteca - Co-founder Torret Road Capital & Menorca Millennials.
Imagen David Escolano
David Escolano Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
SEO y Analítica Web.
Imagen Javier Gómez
Javier Gómez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Technology and innovation advocate helping business to transform and compete in a digital world.
Imagen Franco Segarra
Franco Segarra Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Innovation Director at Valencia CF.
Imagen Maria Herreros
Maria Herreros Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Podóloga deportiva
Imagen Andres Sanfiel
Andres Sanfiel Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO B-Graffos International S.L. Mental training to Increase Sports, Academic and Professional Performance, through fine motor skills through movil applications.
Imagen Juan Luis Hortelano
Juan Luis Hortelano Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO and Co-founder Blinkfire Analytics. Internationalization, online marketing, Social Media, E-commerce, Usability/User Experience, Market Research
Imagen Alejandro Nicolás
Alejandro Nicolás Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Economist at FCC Sports Facilities- Comunidad Valenciana. Financial Consultant and University Lecturer.
Imagen Maria Barberá
Maria Barberá Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Marketing & Communication Senior Expert. Sports Sponsorship expertise and CRM Manager.
Imagen Carlos Canto
Carlos Canto Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO SPSG Consulting. 25+ years of experience in the Sports, Entertainment and Sponsorship industries. Lead Strategy, Marketing,Organization.
Imagen Rayde Luis Baez
Rayde Luis Baez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Advertising, sports, entertainment, tech and media, by creating partnerships and implementation plans that have the consumers at the center.
Imagen Francesc Castro
Francesc Castro Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
European Manager Professional Services and Solutions & Country Manager Iberia at Panasonic.
Imagen Javier Bosch
Javier Bosch Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO and Founder- NBN23. Join the perfect team to change the way sports and data get along.
Imagen Isabel Perez
Isabel Perez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO at RealTrack Systems SL. Technological solutions to the sports and health market.
Imagen Guillermo Morales
Guillermo Morales Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CTO Sports & Consumer Engagement at Microsoft Digital. 20+ years of technology business experience.
Imagen Joaquin Muñoz
Joaquin Muñoz Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Lawyer. Head of the IT & IP Law Department at Ontier.
Imagen German de la Torre Orellana
German de la Torre Orellana Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Business Development Agent in Major Sports Events and Olympics at ATOS.
Imagen Gustavo Silikovich
Gustavo Silikovich Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Former CEO at Club Atlético River Plate (Argentina) 2015-2019.
Imagen Yolanda Gutierrez
Yolanda Gutierrez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Mathematician. Partner at Eversheds Sutherland.
Imagen Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Miguel Angel Gonzalez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Digital Solutions Director at Minsait. Connected world | Data driven businesses.
Imagen Javier Lozano
Javier Lozano Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO at Nanfor. Big data University Lecturer at IE. MCT, MCSE, MCSA, MCTS Business Applications 2019.
Imagen Rafa de los Santos
Rafa de los Santos Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Head Of Digital at Real Madrid C.F.
Imagen Adrian Herzkovich
Adrian Herzkovich Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO at TTSPRTS. Sports mobile Platform. - GSIC powered by Microsoft Ambassador.
Imagen Teresa Aguilar
Teresa Aguilar Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO at Pivot Sports. +15 years experience in advisory and management consulting, advisory and digital marketing.
Imagen Rey Sumaru
Rey Sumaru Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
General Manager IT & Innovation at Melbourne Cricket Club.
Imagen Avi François Polak
Avi François Polak Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Imagen David Poveda
David Poveda Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Digital Sport & Entrepreneur. Digital Strategy Advisor at
Imagen Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Leisure, Sports & Entertainment I Fan Experience I Senior Advisor Manchester City FC | Board Advisor & Mentor at - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Imagen Jorge Coll
Jorge Coll Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
CEO & Founder at ESBS |Marketing and Sponsorship Sports Advisor| University Lecturer.
Imagen Iris Cordoba
Iris Cordoba Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
General Manager at Global Sport Innovation Center powered by Microsoft
Imagen Sebastian Lancestremere
Sebastian Lancestremere Profesor - GSIC powered by Microsoft
Sports & Consumer Engagement Managing Director, Microsoft Corp

Management of the Master

Iris Córdoba - General Manger of the Global Sports Innovation Center Powered by Microsoft.
Jorge Coll - Director ESBS European Sports Business School.

Mentoring Team

We have a team of teachers and mentors trained by GSIC members and professionals in different areas of the sports industry with the synergies offered by the ecosystem of over 200 organizations in 30 countries.

This master is designed in Executive and Junior versions

Executive: for those professionals who are in the sports industry and who wish to grow in this area.

Junior: Students with no experience in the sports industry who wish to train in this area.


Executive Program – Requirements

  • More than 5 years of experience as the sports industry or area manager or 2 years of experience in digital transformation.
  • To have a computer equipment with webcam and microphone, as well as English or Spanish language proficiency (in case of not being native you may be required to provide an official certificate or to complete a level test).

Junior Program – Requirements

  • Accredit or to be in possession of the degree or an equivalent qualification.
  • Exceptionally, through the accreditation of having passed at least 80% of the ECTS corresponding to any degree.
  • Being or having been an elite or professional athlete. In this case, it must be resolved by the technical direction of the program.



How to apply

Step 1: Program counseling. An agent will call you to exlpain the program.
Step 2: Formal application: applicant must send to this mail a copy of:

  • Curriculum Vitae.

  • Bachelor certificate, postgraduate certificate or working experience certificate.

  • ID or Passport.
Step 3: Admission Interview
Step 4: Acceptance / Non Acceptance.
Step 5: Enrollment.


  • ESBS alumni 5%.
  • Members of the GSIC 5%
  • Scholarships for athletes or professional and elite ex-athletes. 10%
  • Single payment: 7%

* These discounts are not cumulative, but you could get an additional 7% discount for a single payment.

Legal note: The management reserves the right to make changes in the schedule, programs, academic visits and / or teaching team due to academic, legal or commercial reasons. This information is updated on August 2019. This master is a proprietary program developed by ESBS and GSIC - Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft, not conditional on obtaining an official degree.

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