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We want your experience with ESBS to be one of a kind.

When you arrive in Valencia you'll be able to book a meeting with our student care service to solve your queries and get information about accommodation, transportation, bank accounts and many more.

We also offer a consultancy service for international students.

Many other services, counseling and information will be available to you.


Prepare your trip

Our service will be ready to answer any questions you may have, whether they are about accommodation or general information such as opening a bank account, getting health insurance, immigration arrangements, admission letters or visas.



Over 50% of our students come from abroad; they've bravely travelled to an oftentimes unknown country where they need to find proper accommodations.

ESBS has a collaboration agreement with Universal Students, a company specialized in student accommodations and authorized by the Valencian Tourism Agency, that guarantees the students they will be able to book any accommodation option before their arrival, always under supervision by ESBS's consultancy service.

- Shared apartment option
ESBS European Sport Business School
- Student dorm option
ESBS European Sport Business School
Valencia Campus

Our classrooms are located in Calle Ramón Llull 19, within the university campus of Tarongers. You can reach it by metro-tram (La Carrasca station, lines 4 and 6), by many bus lines and also by the bike rental service Valenbisi.

We also have classrooms in Valencia CF's facilities of Mestalla Stadium, within the university campus of Blasco Ibáñez and very close to both Aragón (lines 5 and 7) and Facultats (lines 3 and 9) metro stations. You can also get there by bus and Valenbisi.

You'll be able to study sports management within Valencia CF's facilities.

You'll also be studying right in front of the Mediterranean sea and in a city that was the European Capital of Sports in 2011.

Spain is also the top destination within the Erasmus student exchange programme and one the top touristic destinations of the world, so you'll be able to enjoy an international and multicultural environment.

Plus, our classroom for on-site football programmes is located inside Valencia CF's Sport City, which also houses some classes of our sport management programmes.


General information


City:                       790.201 inhabitants (INE, 2016)
Metropolitan area:             1.550.885 (Spain's third most populated)


346 km from Barcelona
360 km from Madrid (1 hour 45 minutes in High-speed train)


An average of 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 18,4ºC


Valencia has a dense net of public transportation, including:

  • Metro
  • EMT buses
  • RENFE suburban trains
  • Valenbisi, a public service of bicycle rental
Cost of living
Valencia is Spain's third biggest city, right after Madrid and Barcelona. It's the Spanish city with the most foreign students, and one of the european cities with the most Erasmus students.

By clicking on this link you'll be able to learn about the basics of the average cost of living for a student in Valencia, including the average costs of:

  • Accommodation
  • Public transportation
  • Food (basic products)
  • Services for rented housing (power, water, internet)
  • Economic restaurants
  • Sport activities
  • Leisure
  • Clothing

Relevant sites

Turismo Valencia
Metro valencia
EMT autobuses
Valenbisi Bicis Públicas
RENFE Cercanías

Scholarships and payment methods

Deportista Becada

ESBS alumni discounts

All ESBS's students benefit from a 10% discount. Please check the particular conditions for each programme.

Elite sportspeople scholarships

ESBS offers a scholarship programme for elite sportspeople, thought to help them to remain within the sports world after they've finished their high level competition period, and also to reinforce the skills they may have acquired during it.

Are you an elite sportsperson?

Any sportsperson that has represented their country in an international competition (Olympics, Special Olympics, world championships, international championships such as the Pan American Games or European championships…) and is older than 18 years old is eligible for this scholarship. In Spain their name should appear in the Superior Sports Council (CSD) anual list.

Group scholarships

If the entity you belong to has signed an agreement with ESBS, you may benefit from tuition advantages.

Single payment discount

Master's degree programmes offer a discount of 10% if you cancel the total price in a single payment.

Scholarships and discounts may not be claimed in combination, except for the single payment discount.

Fractioned payment

Students residing in Spain

For master's degrees and university programmes, students can make an interest-free debit fractioned payment.

Conditions: Students must initially pay 250€ in university programmes and 950€ in master's degrees to book their place. The rest can be paid in 3, 5 and even 10 monthly installments, interest-free.

Requirements: Owning a bank account in Spain, presenting the last pay slip of whoever will be paying for the programme, and signing the direct debit contract (a study will be conducted to check the capability of monthly installments).

Students residing outside of Spain

For university programmes (not master's degrees), students have the option of interest-free fractioned payment.

Conditions: Bimensual tuition. Students must book their place (225€), and afterwards make three 225€ installments and a final installment of 50€. After canceling the total, the student will be granted access to university exams.

For master's degrees, students also have the option of interest-free fractioned payment.

Conditions: The initial booking of their place will cost 50% of the total price.

In mensual tuition, they will pay 320€ a month during 10 months.
In bimensual tuition, they will pay 640€ every two months.
Requirements: Students can pay through our webpage via credit card, bank transfer or direct debit.


Residents in Spain

Financing with interests via CaixaBank:

If you own an account with card in CaixaBank, you can finance your training through La Caixa, it's quite simple and it doesn't require any prior document-checking, like the other options.

Requirements: Owning a bank card in La Caixa. You may check any doubts with your bank branch.

Non-residents in Spain

Currently there aren't financing options available for non-residents.


* ESBS doesn't make reimbursements if the student doesn't finish the programme.
* If a student doesn't cancel the total price of a programme they won't receive any certificate until they do.

Employment guidance

orientación laboral

Our professional team will work with you from the beginning to help you identify your profile, assessing your skills and assisting you to orient them to the sports industry. They will also work on your employability via internships and volunteer programmes that will help you launch your professional career.

While assessing your profile we will also focus on discovering your goals within the labor market, and help you adapt your CV to the requirements of the position you're aiming to.

On top on that we will conduct roleplaying sessions to make you familiar with recruiting processes and prepare you for the labor market.

International exchange

While assessing your profile we will also focus on discovering your goals within the labor market, and help you adapt your CV to the requirements of the position you're aiming to.

On top on that we will conduct roleplaying sessions to make you familiar with recruiting processes and prepare you for the labor market.

Global vision

Visión Global Internacional

Facing the new business paradigm, companies and organizations need talented and well-trained professionals who are able to manage, work and operate in a global environment.

Most of any company's activities can be carried out internationally nowadays, which creates a need for virtual skills that allow professionals to manage big multicultural teams located in different places of the world.

In ESBS we believe that it is crucial to keep these changes in mind when training our students. We strive to give them a global vision of the sports world and the opportunity to develop skills that will allow them to work from anywhere in the world within a multicultural environment.

With ESBS you will get the chance to enhance your vision of the sports world with this global approach, through 100% international programmes, student exchanges and academic trips abroad, as well as sharing and learning with schoolmates of over 25 different countries.

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