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At ESBS European Sport Business School, committed to our mission, values and the social dimension of social responsibility, we have developed various Social Responsibility programs.

Betting on sustainability, promoting and supporting practices based on ethical, responsible and social principles.

We develop various programs through five lines of action:

1. Academic line of action:
1.1. Responsible, ethical, social and sustainable management

At ESBS we are committed to fostering and supporting ethical and sustainable management.

Our objective is to train professionals in a global market, committed to society and sustainability, in the direction and management of companies and organizations.

- Social Responsibility in the classroom

Each of our graduate programs has a line of social responsibility.

A responsible will provide guidelines to teachers, students and collaborating companies, with the aim of developing, creating and analyzing cases, projects, ideas and resources from a social, ethical and sustainable approach at every stage of training.

- Training in Social Responsibility for managers and trainers:

Through specific programs at ESBS, we have designed postgraduate and continuing education programs specifically in sustainable management, efficient management and sustainable development through sport and management.

1.2. Sport for development and peace

Our goal in the creation of our programs and online courses of short and medium duration for trainers is to always maintain an ethical, social and environmental respect line.

- Ethical and responsible trainers

In each course, the student will be able to know variables in their training towards ethical and social behaviors, taking into account the challenge of diversity and respect for the individual differences of their athletes/students.

1.3. Training in sport for people with disabilities

We develop specific courses and continuing education programs for sports education in the field of intellectual disability.

We promote sports learning processes of various disciplines for people with intellectual disabilities, promoting inclusion and recreation in this group, through a proven methodology such as that of our educational partner, the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Intellectual Disabilities -FEDDI-.

2. Social line of action
2.1. Grant and scholarship program "commitment to society".

We believe that training breaks down barriers of any kind, which is why each year we award scholarships to different groups.

All our postgraduate, masters, continuing education and course programs have access to scholarships, under certain admission requirements, which are stipulated in each program. The aim is to give the opportunity to train anyone who, due to their particular situation, is unable to do so.

2.2. Sports entrepreneurship support

Our enterprising character as an institution born of sports entrepreneurship, makes us particularly sensitive in this area and that for the same reason every year, we support the creation of new projects and sports companies that can be maintained in a sustainable manner over time.

Giving our academic community training, financial support through crowd funding or micro-patronage and non-profit advice in the creation of new companies and sports projects.

2.3. Training in developing countries

More than 40% of our students are from developing countries, a fact that encourages us to develop training that adapts to their specific resources and needs.

Committed to training and access to it in an affordable way, we make use of technology as a tool so that anyone can be trained from anywhere in the world and at any time, with a basic connection to the Internet and at affordable prices.

Likewise, through our MOOOC free courses, we aim to cover basic training needs in different areas.
An open and growing program, which we also include as part of the scholarship program, and in which we want to generate more alliances with local organizations and institutions, translation of content in English and Chinese and cultural exchange programs through sport.

3. Research line of action

At ESBS we believe in research as an axis for generating knowledge, innovation and the creation of new projects and companies.

We are currently carrying out two lines of research, a program that is growing and whose objective is to generate knowledge under a structure of social responsibility and through alliances with universities and study and research centers.

4. Environmental sustainability line of action

ESBS was born as an innovative company, which believes in the values of sport and technology as a facilitator for training with a social focus and under the precept of the minimum generation of waste, specifically those generated by the activity of teaching.

Since our inception, we have identified ourselves with a responsibility towards the environment that can be seen in our training programs and in our actions.

4.1. Training in sustainability

All our programs, and specifically in the management program, have an environmental sustainability section, with the aim of promoting and raising awareness of the importance of respect for the environment and natural resources.

We have specific continuous and postgraduate training programs in environmental sustainability, sustainable sports management, efficient management of sports facilities and events, carbon footprint, among others.

4.2. Support in Sustainable Management

Institutions such as Valencia CF and its Foundation have been advised by our sustainability professionals.

  • Development of the first Sustainability Plan for a professional football club in Spain
  • Carbon Footprint Calculation
  • Implementation, execution and revision of ISO 14.001 of Environmental Management
  • Development of events and training actions under the precepts of efficiency, sustainability and environmental awareness.
5. Business line of action

We promote Social Responsibility in the Company and our objective is that both our collaborating companies, as well as our teaching team and students, are aware of our commitment to responsibility and ethics in management, for development and to generate responsible, ethical, social and sustainable projects.

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