Scholarships and funding

Discounts for former ESBS students European Sport Business School

All ESBS students have a minimum discount of 10%. Consult the specific conditions in each program.

Scholarships for elite athletes

ESBS has a scholarship program for elite athletes in order to help sportsmen and sportswomen to remain linked to the sport industry once they have completed their high level competition and to enhance the skills acquired in the practice of sport, ESBS has a scholarship program for elite sportsmen and women. Consult in each program.

Are you an elite sportsman/woman?

The athlete who has participated in international competitions representing his or her country (Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, World Championships, International Championships - Pan American Games, European Championships, among others - or absolute world ranking), over 18 years old. In Spain it should be included in the annual reports of the Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD).

Grants for groups

If your sports organization or organization has an agreement with ESBS, you can benefit from advantages in the registration.

Single payment discount

The master programs offer a 10% discount, if the totality is paid in one payment.

Scholarships and discounts, as well as promotional campaigns are not cumulative, except for the one-time payment discount.

Payment in installments

Residents in Spain

For master's and university programs, students have the option of paying in installments without interest by direct debit.

Conditions: The student must make an initial booking of 250€ for university programs and 950€ for master programs. The rest of payments can be made in 3, 5 and up to 10 months without extra charges.

Requirements: To have a bank account in Spain, to present the payroll of the person who will pay for the course and sign the direct debit contract. (An approval study will be conducted to verify monthly payment capacity).

Residents outside Spain

For university programs (non-master's), students have the option of paying in installments without interest.

Conditions: Bimonthly registration: The student must make a reservation of 225€. Then you will make three payments of 225€ and a final payment of 50€.

After payment of the entire program, the student will be admitted to university examinations.

For master's degree programs, the student has the option of payment in installments without interest.

Conditions: Initial booking: 3250€.

Monthly tuition: the student pays 320€ during the 10 months of the program.

Bi-monthly tuition: the student makes a payment of 640€ every 2 months from the beginning of the program.

Requirements: The student can make payments through our website by credit card, bank transfer or direct debit.


Residents in Spain

CaixaBank interest-bearing financing:

If you have an account with CaixaBank and a credit card, you can make the financing through La Caixa, it is very simple and does not require prior approval of documentation, as in the previous case.

Requirements: Have a bank card in La Caixa, you can check with your bank office if you have any questions.

Residents outside Spain

There is currently no funding available for students residing outside Spain.

Important Note:

* ESBS does not make refunds if the student fails to complete the course or does not pay in full.

* If the student does not complete the entire payment of the program, he or she will not receive any certificate of completion of the content made up to that time nor the university degree of the University Rey Juan Carlos.
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